Omi Beef


Omi Beef

Certified Omi Beef cattle are raised in the rich, natural environment of Shiga prefecture, and on the pristine waters that spring from the mountains surrounding the “mother lake”, Lake Biwa. The Omi Beef brand is the oldest in Japan, with a history that dates back more than 400 years, and we take pride in continuing to deliver what is considered to be the world’s most delicious brand of wagyu beef.

The Experience of a Lifetime

Delicious, Délicieux, Haochi(好吃) and Oishi(美味しい)

Every language around the world has a word for delicious, whether it’s English, French, Chinese or Japanese, which reflects people’s preference for and inquisitiveness about delicious things.

The Japanese characters for delicious (美味しい) literally translate into the “beauty of flavor.” Thus, besides the actual taste, aesthetic beauty is also considered an important element of “deliciousness” in Japan.

The certified Omi Beef that we provide is said to be the world’s most delicious beef for various reasons. But even if you can’t put your finger on precisely what makes it taste so good, be sure to enjoy the delectable flavor of certified Omi Beef at least once. We promise you it is a taste to die for, and an experience that you will never forget.